21-Day Challenge: Day 3 and 4 Wrap Up

Sunday breakfastSunday lunch Monday breakfast monday am snack Monday lunch monday dinner

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Day 3, Sunday, July 13: Fantastic breakfast that kept me going all morning: french toast with agave syrup.  Homey, filling.  I savored every bite.  I could eat that nearly every day!  Combined my AM snack with midday entree for a light and lovely salady summer lunch of salmon, spinach & quinoa salad and pear and fennel salad.  The afternoon snack was fab, an energy bar with oats, raisins, cranberries, nuts and who knows what else.  Loved it.  Unfortunately, dinner was a bust: chicken with roasted red peppers and spaghetti squash.  I love spaghetti squash, but I just didn’t love the dinner tonight.  Picked out the chicken and ate some of the spaghetti squash/pepper accompaniment.  Can’t love ’em all.

Day 4, Monday, July 14: One of my favorite savory breakfasts (had it once before) sweet potato, mushroom & asparagus hash with turkey sausage.  Can I just say how much I love sauteed mushrooms and onions?  Had a spicy touch. And turkey sausage? Great combo.  The morning snack was a zucchini slice.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but it had bacon and cheese in it (who doesn’t love bacon and cheese– hello?).  Didn’t look much like a slice– more like a mini souffle.  Lunch were asian chicken wraps.  Good flavor.  I hadn’t really done the lettuce wrap thing before.  I love that GGC included a lime slice to squeeze over it all.  Fresh lime flavor–whoo!  Snack was a little slice of sweetness: honey pecan cake.  Not dense.  Light and cakey.  Who can’t resist the pecan on top? I”m nuts about nuts.  Dinner was out of this world: teriyaki shrimp with gingery chard & coconut brown rice.  The shrimp were huge.  I should have cut them in thirds, but no, I shoved each shrimp into my mouth whole (glad no one was watching my manners).  The aromatic rice was a great accompaniment.  I don’t think I’ve had chard before, but it was great.  Made me feel good knowing I ate something “dark green and leafy”, full of antioxidants.

So how’s it going? Feeling pretty good despite my cravings for “a little something sweet” after lunch and dinner.  Having no problem cooking for my family and eating my own meals.  Definitely think I have more energy, but it’s still early days.  Let’s see how I feel at the end of a full week of eating The Green Gourmet Chicago.  Opening the cooler up each day is like unpacking a package sent by a friend: you know it’s going to be good, but you just don’t know what it is.  🙂  Don’t we all love a little surprise?

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