21-Day Challenge Wrap Up: Days 7 & 8

 pumpkin waffles with turkey bacongreen beans with tomatoes and almonds shrimp rolls with lettuce almond butter brownies chicken pepper stew with millet mash quinoa porridge with crisp apples and pomegranate seeds red quinoa salad with beet salsa mac n chard with sun-dried tomatoes and mixed greens fingerprint cookies apricot stuffed pork with brussel sprouts

Day 7, Thursday, July 17:  Hooray!  Finally a filling breakfast with delicious pumpkin waffles (agave syrup to pour over the top) and yummy turkey bacon.  Happy dance!  AM snack reminded me of raiding the garden: green beans with tomatoes and almonds.  The green beans were gorgeously crisp-tender, the tomatoes were roasted (maybe?), almond slices tossed in for nutty crunch.  Lunch was different: shrimp rolls with lettuce.  Never had a wrap like this before (Asian rice paper wrappers?); not super fond of the texture.  I liked the shrimp and the dressing provided. It was okay.  Another happy dance in the afternoon: almond butter brownies!  I ate it slow and savored each bite of its chewy brownie goodness.  Lovely walnuts baked into the top.  Dinner was spicy and filling: chicken pepper stew with millet mash.  I realize now that it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten this many entrees with cooked bell peppers, and I’m not the biggest fan.  The spiciness and the fun texture of the millet mash (new for me) saved this dinner from defeat.  A good day, on the whole. Snacks were perfectly timed to satisfy mid-morning and mid-afternoon tummy growlies.

Day 8, Friday, July 18:  Quinoa porridge with crisp apples and pomegranate seeds.  Yes, I’ve had this before for breakfast.  The repeat is because I don’t eat typical egg breakfast dishes (just a texture/taste thing– not an allergy).  Man, I love pomegranate seeds!  Red quinoa salad with beet salsa for AM snack.  Had a quick bite– never a big fan of beets.  Let my mom have a taste and she loved it.  Figures!  She’s a beet lover!  Lunch was a filling mac n chard with sun-dried tomatoes and mixed greens.  Nice sunflower seeds in the salad.  Good cheesy-tomato flavor sauce with the mac.  Saved the snack, fingerprint cookies, to have as dessert with dinner: apricot stuffed pork with Brussels sprouts and honey beans.  The pork was fantastic!  GGC chefs roasted the Brussels sprouts– perfection!  The honey beans were filling and a healthy take on baked beans.

How’s it going?  Well, after one week of being on Green Gourmet Chicago meals and snacks and drinking only water– I dropped five pounds!  Need to ramp up my exercise the next couple of weeks.  Still fighting the 9 p.m. munchies.  I’m finding that if I can fight the craving for a bowl of cereal and instead drink a glass of water, occupy myself in some other way, and just employ plain ol’ will power, I can resist the temptation to fall back into my old habit of having another meal after dinner.  Man, it’s tough to change bad habits!

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