21-Day GGC Challenge: Days 9 & 10 Wrap-Up

blackberry pancakes with berriesblueberry walnut muffin ginger pork noodles with bok choy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies halibut with leeks, peppers & oives over minty quinoa oatmeal banana pancakes with applesauce quinoa salad with roasted asparagu and white beans poached salmon with tomato and cucumber salad Greek cookies Moroccan chicken with Israeli couscous and haricot verts

Day 9, Sunday, July 20:  My kind of breakfast: blackberry pancakes with berries & agave syrup.  Sweet and filling; firm, tart berries.  The ginger pork noodles with bok choy for lunch was great aside from the slices of ginger (not a fan of ginger).  Ate the morning snack, blueberry walnut muffin, as my dessert.  Got my “little something sweet”!  Yes!   Dinner was another great fish dish: halibut with leeks, peppers and olives over minty quinoa.  Didn’t really like the minty quinoa… couldn’t put the flavors together with the fish, but the fish was great.  Topped it off by saving the afternoon snack as dessert: heavenly oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. (*sigh* homey oatmeal chocolate goodness….) I’m reprogramming my brain that cookies should come in twos (not tens).  I take my time and savor them.

Day 10, Monday, July 21:  Another nice breakfast: oatmeal banana pancakes with agave syrup.  Wish I could have tasted just a little more banana flavor in them, but they were good.  For a snack I had quinoa salad with roasted asparagus and white beans— nice and fresh tasting.  A perfect cool summer lunch, poached salmon with tomato and cucumber salad, hit the spot.  Not sure what kind of sauce was over the top of everything, but I liked it.  The salmon was filling and I love the garden-freshness of the cucumbers and tomatoes.  The Greek cookies were a honey-sweet, fabulous afternoon snack.  Love the honey and nuts.  Dinner was the BEST!  I think it’s my favorite so far: Moroccan chicken with Israeli couscous and haricot verts.  I loved, loved, loved it… the chicken, the olive slices, the pieces of sweet potato and the just-right-not-overpowering spices.  I could eat haricot verts everyday…what is it about thin green beans I love so much?

So, how’s it going?  I’m feeling completely spoiled with all these great meals.  I do LOVE not having to plan, shop, prep, cook, clean up anything.  I could get use to this!  I see why Green Gourmet Chicago clients stick with us– it makes life so much easier– and you can’t beat the variety of meals and snacks.  Never get bored!  Big, refreshing glasses of ice water with every meal.  I feel good.  My tummy is “down”, and I can definitely feel progress in the right direction in the way I fit my clothes.  11 more days in the challenge.  Bring it on!

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