21-Day GGC Challenge: Highlights and Lowlights from Week 2

buckwheat pancakes turkey sausage pancakes with blackberries and bacon grapes pineapple and basil fruit cup veggie balls mac n chard and field green salad steak salad with corn and fresh herbs baked apple with caramel Tuscan steak French potato salad shrimp puttanesca over lemony millet

The second week of my 21-Day GGC Challenge featured some great tasting foods.  I just want to share a few of them with you.  My favorite breakfasts, by far, are the pancakes and GGC makes all kinds, even buckwheat and cornmeal.  Love the sausages and turkey bacon on the side.  Especially turkey bacon– man, I love turkey bacon!  A couple great morning snacks: fresh and delicious grapes, pineapple and basil fruit cup.  The little pieces of basil made for an interesting taste experience.  A savory morning snack treat really rocked my world– veggie balls.  Not sure what was in them, but were they delicious!  Would make a great hors d’oeuvres for any party.  A couple awesome lunches: mac n chard with a field green salad.  The mac n chard is a take off on mac n cheese, but so much better.  There’s some cheese in there, because I could definitely taste it, but it was powered up by the chard.  Nice fresh salad on the side– GGC dressings are fantastic!  The steak salad with corn and fresh herbs was great.  Love the marinade they use on the steak.  The corn added a great texture and fresh pop to the salad.  An interesting afternoon snack– a baked apple!  The little dab of caramel on top was pure genius.  Like a having a little apple pie.  Standout dinners: the Tuscan steak and French potato salad.  Again, great marinade on the steak– perfect pairing with the potatoes (yes…healthy can be “meat and potatoes”, folks).  I really liked the shrimp puttanesca with the millet.  I’ve experienced more interesting sides with GGC that I have in my entire life: quinoa, millet, polenta, couscous.  Really enjoying the variety of textures and flavors.

So the highlights: great food!  Again, so nice having everything prepared, delivered to your door.  No need to plan or to figure out something on the fly when life is busy.

The lowlights: hormones (squeamish men…look away now).  Every woman is different, but I experience fatigue and big-time cravings for sugar during my “time of the month”.  It’s the biggest struggle for me with regards to staying on track with healthy eating.  I have to say I fell off the healthy eating wagon a few times and met up with my old boyfriend, Coke, for a little tryst with a Pop Tart.  I know!  Look away, everyone!  It’s not pretty!  Also, I forget how difficult it can be going to family gatherings and sticking with just the food I bring from GGC.  I did have a slice of my mom’s plum cake.  *sigh*  When you fall off your wagon, you get back up there and hitch on a few more energetic horses and ride forward.

The good part?  I rode right over to my favorite skating rink on Monday with my daughter, to get some outdoor wheels for my skates and some protective gear.  Exercise, for me, has to be fun (skating, hiking, biking) or practical (shoveling snow, raking leaves, gardening, cleaning house).  I’ve been having fun taking to the streets.  My thighs aren’t too happy, but I think this is a good arrangement.  One where I can step right out my door and have the best time doing what I really love- roller skating!  Now…where is my 70s skating playlist….

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