21-Day GGC Challenge: The Big Finish

healthy blondies herb crepes goal cheese apricot preserves honey grilled chicken miso glazed Brussels sproutspumpkin crostata papaya salad

lunch chili pm snack orange nut cake pork chops mushroom sauce zucchini portabello

I’m sure you’re wondering how the 21-Day GGC Challenged finished up.  It was a success!   I lost five pounds, dropping from 137 to 132 and I’ve maintained that weight since then.

I thought you’d like to see a sampling of the food I received the last week.  I remember a very interesting breakfast of herb crepes with goat cheese and apricot preserves.  I’m not a huge crepe fan, but I give GGC props for creating a mix of very different flavors.  Who doesn’t like apricot preserves?  Mwah!  Turkey chili and pumpkin crostata with papaya salad for a couple of lovely lunches.  The chili was spicy and delicious!  The pumpkin crostata had some kind of blue cheese in it…say no more!  I love blue cheese!  Afternoon snack standouts:  light and lovely orange nut cake (how do they bake such a light cake?) and healthy blondies (nuts, chocolate all mixed together with a brownie-like texture…I could eat 10!…but I won’t! 😉 ).  Best dinners (like, “Can I have them every week?”, awesome dinners): pork chops with mushroom sauce and zucchini portabellos and honey-grilled chicken with miso-glazed Brussels sprouts.  Delicious dinners, how I love thee?  Let me count the ways. 1) Mushrooms.  I love them and can’t get enough.  The mushroom sauce over the pork chops was sublime.  And I love portabello mushrooms…and these were stuffed with savory zucchini shreds.  2) Brussels sprouts.  Cooked to perfection, grilled, glazed with miso.  Say no more!  What can I say?  I love good veggies.

It’s been a great experience not having to shop, plan, prep, cook and clean up, knowing a nutritionist planned every fantastic recipe with flavor and nutrients in mind.


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