Challenge Day 1 and 2 Wrap Up

cinnamon apple pancakes with fresh berries  Quinoa Porridge with crisp apples and pomegranate   Acorn squash & sage bisque  lamb burger  beef tenderloin with grilled cauliflower and mixed green salad

Day One- Friday, July 11:  Started out the day grabbing my cooler from outside the back door.  Took all my meals out of the cooler and put them in the fridge.  Breakfast was lovely: apple cinnamon pancakes with fresh berries drizzled with agave syrup.  The berries were little explosions of flavor– genius, balanced with the homey cinnamon apple pancakes. Brought my morning snack and lunch along with me when Mom and I went to estate sales:  spinach salad with tangerines and pecans (the vinaigrette was amazing…like nothing I’ve tasted before) and oriecchiette with squash and hazelnuts  (spicy and delicious… not a strong squash flavor and loved the crunch of the hazelnuts.  Didn’t have a microwave, so ate it cold– fantastic– loved it).  I was stuffed after lunch, but come snack time I was ravenous.  The cookie dough macaroons were like someone scooped chocolate chip cookie dough and dusted them with very fine coconut– heaven.  To top off the day, supper was the very delicious polenta crusted snapper with asparagus and almonds.  I love fish, but with the polenta on top and amazing sauce– mwah!  I love the crunch of the almonds and the asparagus was fine (I’m not the biggest fan, but I was good girl and ate my veggies).  Sorry I only have pictures of breakfast…day was kind of crazy.

Day Two- Saturday, July 12: Grabbed the cooler, popped my meals in the fridge and checked out breakfast: quinoa porridge with crisp apples and garnished with pomegranate seeds (very filling, just slightly sweet, the apples added the perfect amount of tart and the pomegranate seeds just make me want to sing, the flavor is so fresh and tangy).  Snack was at home and not on the go.  Really enjoyed the acorn squash and sage bisque.  I’m more of a chunky soup girl rather than pureed, but the flavor was so good I had to savor it all!  Lunch was fine: lamb burger in a pita garnished with goat cheese accompanied by a yellow raisin carrot slaw.  The burger was great, lots of flavor and I liked the goat cheese.  The pita was very plain.  I liked the carrot slaw, but not being a fan of mixing raisins in savories, I picked them out.  Dinner turned out to be awesome and I saved my afternoon snack to use as dessert: beef tenderloin topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, and a side salad of mixed greens with walnuts and shredded carrot, then finished off with ginger hazelnut upside down apple cake.  Felt like I went to a steak restaurant because I love sauteed mushrooms and onions.  I could eat a whole plate of roasted cauliflower!  Another nice vinaigrette with the salad– love the walnuts for flavor and crunch.  Took pictures of all the meals for you to peruse.

Two days off Coke, just drinking water, and I’m doing fine.  I forgot how awesome ice water is– especially in a pretty glass.  Setting a nice placesetting and a lovely glass of water really makes a difference.  I’m taking my time and really tasting the food and enjoying as an experience.  Feeling very spoiled, knowing a chef is preparing my meals.

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