“Resisting Temptation” 21-Day Challenge: Day 5 & 6 Wrap Up

croque monsieur wrap cabbage walnut salad spinach triangles with smoked salmon strawberry apricot crisp hangar steak with garlic spinach and red peppers carrot and zucchini pancakes orange couscous salad   cocoa date truffles  herbed salmon with steamed asparagus

Day 5, Tuesday, July 15:  Interesting breakfast– one which I liked but my savory-loving husband would really enjoy: croquet monsieur wrap.  It was like a ham and cheese melt in a spinach tortilla– a quesadilla with ham!  The morning snack was cabbage & walnut salad— love the light, and not overpowering sweet/sour dressing and crunch of the walnuts and cabbage.  Lunch wasn’t super filling: spinach triangles with smoked salmon.  I’m not a huge fan of smoked salmon so I may ask GGC to add that to my dislike list.  Hungry.  Hungry.  More than ready for my afternoon snack– sweet strawberry apricot crisp.  Thank God!  Dinner was great: hangar steak with garlic spinach and red peppers.  Hangar steak tasted great– good marinade!  Ate the spinach because I know it’s good for me and I liked the garlicky flavor.  Ate the red peppers last so I can savor their flavor– cooked to crisp/tender, just the way I like it.   Tuesday’s big temptation:  Really wanted to cheat. Made cinnamon rolls for the family for dessert.  Had to text my sister for moral support.  Her advice: “You can cheat later.  21 days will go by fast.”  I sent the rest of the warm rolls to my niece’s dorm to share and temptation was removed.  Whew!  That was close.  I’m sticking to it.  GGC and water (no Coke).  I can do this!

Day 6, Wednesday, July 16Breakfast again would be one that savory-loving fans like my husband Jeff and my niece Haley would love: carrot & zucchini pancakes.  Ever had a potato pancake?  That’s what these were like.  It was accompanied by a little container of apple sauce, which I savored as I managed the pancakes.  Just not a fan.  My mom used to make potato pancakes for me as a kid and would only let us have apple sauce with it.  I guess if I’m eating a pancake, I want it sweet and I want maple syrup.  I think it comes down to preferring some kind of sweet breakfast: cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, etc… It’s going on my GGC dislike list.  Snack was interesting: orange couscous salad.  The couscous was unlike any I’d ever had before.  Big pearls called Israeli couscous.  Loved the juicy orange slices on it and interesting salty flavor from Greek olive slices.  Lunch was perfect: turkey quinoa meatloaf with arugula salad.  I was doing a walking tour of Wicker Park with my kids and niece Haley, so while they ate Penny’s Noodles, I ate my GGC cold.  The meatloaf was great– even cold.  The arugula salad had almond slices and blue cheese crumbles…did I say blue cheese (man, I love blue cheese!).  The afternoon snack was nice: two little cocoa date truffles.  Nice date flavor, dusted in fine coconut.  Liked them.  Dinner was super: herbed salmon with steamed asparagus on a bed of couscous.  I love salmon!   Resisted temptation #1: Niece Haley and the kids got donuts from #1 ranked favorite donut place in Chicago: Glazed and Infused.  Didn’t get one.  Didn’t take a nibble.  Didn’t even smell them.  Ha!  Take that donuts!  Resisted temptation #2: Got the kids ice cream from a vendor at a park.  Andy couldn’t finish his…so instead of finishing it (like, who wouldn’t?), I tossed it.  Gah!  The worst part was that little chocolate chip cookie ice cream thing was $3!  I was more upset about the price than missing out on scarfing up Andy’s leftover ice cream.  *sigh*

So how’s it going?  Tuesday was a bit tough.  Felt a bit hungry here and there.  Trying to beat my afternoon energy slump.  Drank more water and breathed more deeply.  Battled temptation and won.  Hanging in there.

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